Apr 11 2022

What Can Change a Custody Agreement

A judge can only review an existing custody decision (with the exception of a short-term decision or injunction) if there is a valid reason or a change in circumstances. If you agree with the other parent to easily waive a court order – for example, by postponing a weekly exchange for a few hours – you don`t need to seek court approval or change the order. It can be difficult to convince the judge to change custody, so you may want to seek the help of a lawyer. If you have a low income, you may be eligible for free legal services. Whether you have a low income or not, you can use the Legal Aid Guide to find lawyers in your area. If you are not eligible for free legal services and cannot afford high legal fees, you should hire a lawyer for part of your case instead of the whole. This is called limited-scope representation. For more information, read Limited Scope Representation (LSR): A More Affordable Way to Hire a Lawyer. Schedule changes can affect the child`s ability to get to school on time or negatively affect the child`s state of mind in one or both parents. Examples of reasonable grounds or change in circumstances (but not limited to): The non-custodial parent may apply to court to change custody if the custodial parent moves. A move is not automatically considered an important reason to change custody of the children.

It is therefore not guaranteed that this type of application will be successful, but the court should include movement in the decision. The court may consider many factors when deciding whether a change is best for your child`s health, safety and well-being, including: The detention of a dependant in a local, state or federal prison or jail for a period of more than 180 days is a material and material change in the circumstances for the purposes of this section. (See Texas Family Code 401 (c-1), effective September 1, 2021. If you`re a co-parent, one of the most important things is to have a parenting plan that works well for everyone. You must have a child care plan that is manageable for you and the other parent. It should also provide your child with the stability and the right environment to grow and mature. Nevertheless, a custody decision may not be the right arrangement for your family in one, two, or five years. Circumstances can change, not to mention that what your child needs can change drastically as you get older. As everyone`s life evolves, the courts recognize that custody orders need to be changed from time to time. If you are trying to change a unilateral or short-term order, the court skips step 1 and starts with step 2. This is a major obstacle.

If you want to change the custody regime, you should first talk to a lawyer. If you go to court to try to change the custody agreement and you can`t determine the three elements above, you`ve wasted your time and the court`s time. However, this high barrier also works in your favor if your child`s other parent tries to change the current custody decision for an insignificant reason. Not necessarily. In many cases, if you and the other parent (or parents) agree, you can deviate from your court-ordered visitation schedule. However, if you expect the change of visitation to last a long time, or if you don`t trust the other parent (or parents) to stick to the agreement, it may be best to make an agreed change. You can read more about the agreed changes here: A custody order is not permanent. The judge can change it. Read this article to learn more. That depends.

There are legal standards that judges must follow before changing a court order. It is up to the person requesting the change to prove the legal standard. Learn more about the different legal standards below. Otherwise, to change child support, your family must have undergone a significant change in finances. Some courts require a parent`s income to change by a certain percentage, while others require proof of involuntary job loss. Some also change support when a child`s medical expenses increase by a certain amount. If you choose not to follow your court order regarding access, the non-custodial parent can apply for enforcement of the order. If you think the order needs to be changed, you can submit a change case. If you are concerned about your child`s health or safety with the other parent, you should contact a lawyer.


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